Without music life would be a mistake. - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


The Association of Music Therapists of Serbia has initiated several projects it considers to be its priority and the priority of our society in transition.

The main goal of our projects is to promote and popularize music therapy as a profession and science.

Implementation, realization and duration of the proposed projects will enable music therapy to become recognized as a profession in short supply in our country, which contributes to the health and progress of individuals and society.

The projects will enable educated music therapists to get employment in suitable places and to stay in the country.

The projects of the Association of Music Therapists of Serbia, operating under the auspices of the European Music Therapy Confederation, contribute to Serbia becoming involved in the contemporary global trends in science, education, culture, health care and social care.

At the same time we will use common efforts to prevent the abuse of the term music therapy by wide public, private entrepreneurs and sometimes even in professional circles where sometimes it is sufficient if someone „knows how to sing, play an instrument, has a music device or buys a CD to call himself a music therapist or treat himself with music therapy“.

We will notify all interested parties on the results and phases of realization of these projects through our web site.

We invite all potential donors, individuals, companies and foundations, in and out of the country, to look at the goal and contents of our projects and to help their implementation, realization and duration with their donations. We invite media and state authorities to help us achieve this goal. We have a long way to go for music therapy to receive its place in our country.

We believe we can achieve this with common efforts.

Thank you for your support and trust
Ranka Radulovic, MD PhD
The President of the Association of Music Therapists of Serbia

  1. Music Therapy as Profession
  2. Use of Music Therapy in Social Care Institutions
  3. Use of Music Therapy in Psycho oncology and Palliative Care
  4. Use of Music Therapy in Schools and Pre-School Institutions