Alas for those that never sings. But die with all their music in them – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Use of Music Therapy in Social Care Institutions

Author of the project: Ranka Radulovic, MD, PhD, psychiatrist, psychotherapist ECP, music therapist EMTC, supervisor AMTS

Music therapy techniques are the method of choice for children and adults with whom verbal mode of communication is aggravated or disabled, as well as for traumatized individuals.

Establishing the music therapy department and the use of music therapy techniques leads to improvement of communication and quality of life with children and adults admitted either temporarily or permanently in this type of institutions, and they also serve for the prevention of burn-out syndrome with the personnel working with the aforementioned population of clients.

The goal of the project is to establish music therapy departments in institutions and shelters for babies, children and youth, adult and old people, care centers for people with special needs, as well as prisons and correctional institutions.

The contents of the project