Music is the medicine of the breaking heart. - Leigh Hunt


Deep Sound Therapy Workshop,  2005.Deep Sound Therapy Workshop, 2005.

During the year Hatorum d.o.o. and the Association of Music Therapists of Serbia organize workshops, independently or in cooperation with guests from abroad. Workshops are topical and they are related to the presentation of the possibility of music therapy (introductory course), presentation of certain music therapy techniques, practicing certain music therapy interventions or implementation of music therapy with specific patient populations.

Dance Therapy Workshop, 2005.Dance Therapy Workshop, 2005.

All interested individuals can participate in the workshops organized by Hatorum d.o.o. and the Association of Music Therapists of Serbia, and the hours spent in the workshop are counted into the hours of the entire curriculum for the candidates meeting the requirements for enrollment during education in music therapy.

The candidates who have completed one or more music therapy workshops or have incomplete education in music therapy in our country or abroad cannot perform the activity of music therapy independently nor be entitled to the profession of a music therapist.

Current workshops