Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul - Plato

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Why music therapy

The beginnings of music therapy can be found in the learning's of ancient school, biblical sources, shaman rituals, theological literature. Music therapy can be found in all cultures, during the entire history of human civilization, until today. From its very beginnings, it followed the development of medicine and psychiatry. As a scientific discipline it started to develop in the course of the twentieth century, particularly in the second half of the century, with the tendency of further development. Music therapy is a set of different methods, non-verbal and verbal, involving ancient and contemporary knowledge and skills in the use of voice, body and instruments, but also electronic and computer technology. It is used for both sick and healthy people, from the moment they are conceived to the last breath they take. Music therapy departments are established in health centers and doctor’s offices, in counseling centers, in schools and day-cares, in social care institutions – homes for children, adults and old people, in prisons, at churches, rehabilitation and recreational centers, in local communities.


The Association of Music Therapists of Serbia, founded in 2001, is the member of European Music Therapy Confederation; it applies modern principles and follows up-to-date tendencies in theory, practice, education and research in the area of music therapy. A four-year education program in music therapy is conducted under the auspices of the Association in the area of former Yugoslav republics. The Association of Music Therapists of Serbia is establishing the foundations for the profession and has been working on legal regulations concerning the status of a music therapist as an independent profession. With the holistic approach to life, man and society, health and illness, music therapy in your own home, family, working environment, contributes to health, productivity and spiritual development, facilitates communication and renders positive changes in the environment where it is applied.

Lectures and Workshops

The Association of Music Therapists of Serbia organizes lectures open for public, once a month every fourth Tuesday of the month at 06:00 PM in the small hall of the Students’ Cultural Center in Belgrade, 48, Kralja Milana Street.

The lecture “Stress and Music Therapy” by Milijana Majstorović, special education therapist, music therapist AMTS. will be held on Tuesday, April the 26th 2011, at 6.00 pm, in small conference room of the Students’ Cultural Centre, Kralja Milana 48 Street, Belgrade.





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