Music cleanses the understanding; inspires it, and lifts it into a realm which it would not reach if it were left to itself. -Henry Ward Beecher

Fields of Use

Music therapy has a wide field of use owing to the fact that it makes use of verbal and non-verbal techniques.

Health Care System

Music therapy worldwide is applied in all branches of medicine.
In psychiatry, it is used in the treatment of all categories of psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders: depression, phobia and anxiety disorders, personality disorders and borderline disorders, sexual disorders, various psychotic, conversive and somatoform disorders, sleeping disorders, and all mental disorders of children and adolescents.

In neurology, it is used in neurodegenerative and neuromuscular diseases, epilepsy, memory disorders, in motoric rehabilitation and voice and speech rehabilitation with neurological diseases and impairments, in comatose patients, in intensive care units; in psycho oncology in different stages of illness, as well as in palliative care; in gynecology and obstetrics – in incubators and preparation for delivery; in internal medicine and pediatrics; in physical medicine and rehabilitation, in pain therapy and rehabilitation process in all congenital or acquired diseases and conditions; in otorhinolaryngology – e.g. after the installation of cochreal implant; in anesthesiology, stomatology, etc. It is applied in all categories of congenital and acquired disorders – with children and adults suffering from cerebral palsy, disorders of the blind and vision impaired individuals, hearing impaired persons, oligophrenic, autistic persons, etc.

It is essential to start music therapy treatment as early as possible. Music therapy process always involves therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the patient or group of patients. A vast field of research and application of music and sound in medicine is developed independently, but with certain interaction as well, within the area of music therapy. Music therapists worldwide develop independently as affiliated medical profession, and they conduct its activity as team members in the health care and health insurance system.

Social Care System

Music therapy worldwide is highly recognized within the social care system.
It is applied in the centers for accommodation of children, adults and old people, as well as with people in correctional institutions and prisons.

Music Therapy Applied with the Healthy People

Music therapy techniques are applied in both children and adults and are aimed at stimulating development, prevention of illness and prophylaxis, improving efficiency and productivity, as well as development of creativity and spirituality. Healthy population asks for help from music therapists through music therapy counseling centers, where clients can learn how to use music therapy techniques and music itself in the most efficient way for their own benefit and for the benefit of the people closest to them and society as a whole.

Music therapy departments are established in schools and pre-school institutions and are aimed at stimulating psycho-motoric development, emotionality and social skills, as well as efficiency and productivity in children, from the earliest days of childhood to adolescence. Music therapy departments are established with churches, corporations and within recreational centers.