Music is what feelings sound like. - Author Unknown


The Association of Music Therapists of Serbia was founded on June 27, 2001 in Belgrade, at the Institute of Psychiatry of the Clinical Center of Serbia, as the Yugoslav Music Therapists Association at the initiative of Ranka Radulović MD, PhD  and her closest associates and friends.

The Association was founded as an independent, non-government, non-profit citizens' association aimed at realizing the common interests in the field of development and improvement of theory, practice, education and research in the area of music therapy, financed from membership fees, donations and personal activities pursuant to the law.

Created according to the standards of modern music therapy schools, a four-year education program in music therapy, was presented in 2001 and its implementation began in 2002 when the first generation of future music therapists was enrolled.

The Yugoslav Music Therapy Association was admitted in 2004 under the auspices of the European Music Therapy Confederation and in 2006 it changed its name to the Association of Music Therapists of Serbia (UMTS).

The work in the association and its bodies has been organized in accordance with the Articles of Association, the Rulebook on Music Therapy Activity of the Association of Music Therapists of Serbia, the Rulebook on Education in Music Therapy of the Association of Music Therapists of Serbia and the code of ethics.

Association  of Music Therapists of Serbia
Belgrade, 109. Nova st, 39
Tel.+381 11 3835881

Contact Persons

President: Ira Bukumirović

Secretary: Jelena Đukić Radivojević